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How Can I Boost My Resilience?

There are some simple things you can do that make a big difference to your resilience.

1. Look after Yourself

We all know how we react differently if we are tired and run down. But when we are struggling it can seem like an impossible mountain to climb to start ‘taking good care of yourself’. We all know the benefits of exercising, eating well, getting a good nights sleep, having some me-time but if you’re already exhausted where are we meant to find the energy to start?

Well, the answer for me was supplements! I know, I know, I make supplements but this is exactly the reason why I make supplements.

There are times in our life when we all need something to pick us up and give us the strength and energy to face everything that life throws at us. A super pill. A happy pill. Something to give us our joy for life and our motivation back. So that we can start to face the world and take the next, best step.

That’s the job of supplements.

To give us all the energy that we need.

To fuel our brain and body is the key to a balanced, positive and healthy life.

Why not start 2021 with a promise to yourself to prioritise the care of your mental health?

2. Focus on Meaningful relationships

Never before have we thought so much about how important it is to see friends and family, to have social events to look forward to, to be able to give someone a hug.

Loneliness, or feeling alone, excluded or isolated can trigger deeper feelings of being disconnected, unwanted or unloved and can take a real toll on our emotional health. Did you ever feel that sharp pain of not being invited to a party everyone else was going to?

2020 triggered this feeling for so many of us but if we can focus our minds on staying in contact with the meaningful people in our lives this social connection and support is a wonderful boost to our resilience.

Maybe 2021 can be your year of building your own ‘family’ from friends, colleagues, pets, partners and relations (if you’re lucky) and investing in all these relationships the same. It builds our resilience by helping us feel safe, connected and loved.

There’s a saying:

“Put more friendship into your romances; And more romance into your friendships”

3. Identify your Priorities

What is important for you to feel calm and balanced?

Do you know what gives you energy? And what takes it away?

I often talk to clients about thinking of their energy like the charge of their phone. What percentage are you on? What charges you up? Where are you spending your energy?

If you know your triggers, your values and your priorities it’s easier to make calm decisions that feel good for you. It’s easier to see the bigger picture, keep a long term perspective and find the energy and motivation to keep going. To be adaptable and resilient to change and uncertainty.

Spend some time thinking about the best way to spend your energy. And then make your emotional wellbeing the centre of your choices.

If you know when you need charging and you know what helps to charge you up it is key to building your resilience and giving you agency: you know how to help yourself.

Try this:

You can only keep 3








Video Games



Now, if Crisps were on the list I would be in trouble…!


We can choose to keep positive. We can choose to make the best of things. We can choose to take care of ourselves.

Even when we are imprisoned by circumstances, by the times in which we live, by the unfairness of life we are free to choose how we respond and the story we tell.

It is said that we overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in a decade. Where were you in 2010? I wonder where you will be in 2030.

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