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Wellbeing Giftboxes: Your Wellbeing Toolkit

I have always passionately believed in looking at wellbeing from 360º - brain, body, spirit and planet.

What is on your mind?

So I decided to put together a wellbeing toolkit full of things that help to make it easier for you to take care of yourself.

I particularly wanted them all to be eco-friendly too.

Kind to you. Kind to the planet.

I talk a lot about self-care but I know how difficult it is in our busy, stressful lives to give ourselves permission to pause. So I thought about how I could make it simple for you to take a little time for you.

I thought about my favourite rituals when I have a moment to myself - Sitting down with a cup of tea, a scented candle, a journal, and a book - and set about putting together a nourishing, mindful toolbox to help you unwind your mind.

I decided to put try to put together a selection of ethical and nourishing pieces that are either specially designed by us or carefully selected from small, female-founded, independent, ethical businesses.

So with every gift you are also supported many people’s dreams.

And this is what I came up with.


Time for M+E

Wellbeing Gift Boxes

Our Time for M+E gift boxes are the perfect present to give to someone you love (especially yourself) who needs the permission to take a pause.

They have all the tools you need to bring an oasis of peace and tranquility into a busy, stressful life.

There are 4 Wellbeing Kits:


Yellow to bring some joy into your life and lift your mood if you are feeling low or depressed.


Green to help you feel calm and safe easing anxiety and burn out.


Turquoise to help you balance and calm your emotions supporting your mind and body.


Blue to give you an energy boost if you are tired and exhausted.

All of them are designed to help you find some time for yourself and to give you permission to take a pause.

How I put them together

Charm Bracelet

I started the toolkit with a beautiful hand made charm bracelet in a colour that matches your toolkit.

The charm bracelet is your anchor and reminder to make a ritual to take some time, light the candle, steep your tea and settle into a comfy chair. Take a deep breath, be inspired by reading a chapter of the book and make a few life notes.

I like to think of the cross charm as a plus sign.

You are worth more.

It is there to remind you that you are worthy of a pause. To remind you to recharge your energy. To remind you that there is more to life than a to do list.

The metal charm is on a colourful waxed cotton cord that can be adjusted easily.


Then I added an inspirational and thought provoking short book.

Do Pause: You are not a To Do list

by Robert Poynton

Do Pause is a book about a new approach to coping with the day-to-day. You will discover practical tips to reset and regenerate, deepen your thinking, take back control of your time and reconnect with yourself and the people around you.

Machines are designed to run constantly; people aren’t. Our coping mechanisms are meditation apps, weekend breaks and annual holidays, but things soon revert.

To prosper, we need a more sustainable approach — an ability to pause.

Do Pause looks at the importance of this subtle yet powerful idea to communication, creativity, relationships — as well as our wellbeing and sanity.

With practical tools to help you create new habits or make more significant lifestyle choices, you’ll discover ways to:

Reset and regenerate

Deepen your thinking and experiences

Take back control of your time

Reconnect with other people — and yourself

From taking a breath to taking a sabbatical, a pause can be many things. And the good news is, even just a small pause every now and again can make a real and lasting difference.



Next I added a specially designed A5 notebook

“A Line Is A Dot That Went For A Walk”

made from silky smooth recycled paper.

Something to help clear your head and understand your thoughts. Make some life notes. Make a To Do list.

The simple act of journaling is an exercise in mindfulness.

Mindfulness, or the ability to stay in the moment, has been linked through numerous studies to psychological and physical wellbeing. It can positively affect our brains, making the areas dealing with empathy, memory and emotional regulation more interconnected. The result is less stress, better sleep and more attentive behaviour amongst other things.

This notebook has 80 plain pages for lists, notes, thoughts and doodles.


Then I wanted to add something to write with so went looking for some pencils and found some made from recycled newspaper.

These amazing zero waste pencils are made out of recycled newspaper rather than traditional wood.

They feel great to write with as well as helping to combat deforestation.

Manufactured in India, they support the empowerment of women by giving them a stable income with good working conditions.

100% Eco-friendly

Made from used newspapers

No wood

Lasts longer and sharpens better than wooden pencils

Save trees & helps combat deforestation


A lovely cuppa was the next thing on my list and I wanted it to be a mild, fresh green tea as it is so good for our brains. It’s full of theanine which helps us to feel calm and relaxed.

That is how I found Leanne - a local female founder of a range of ethically and sustainably sourced teas called The Happy Larder. The teas not only taste good but do good too - from supporting the women who pick the teas who are recovering from domestic violence and people trafficking to rebuild their lives to reducing plastic use.

Small acts really do change lives.

This Zomba green tea is sourced from the beautiful rolling hills of the Satemwa Estate in Malawi. A delicate, clean tasting green tea with a sweet, aromatic flavour and lingering, toasted notes.

They also believe good quality loose-leaf tea should be the norm. Not only does it taste better, it provides a superior experience without the environmental impacts of cheap tea and plastic-coated teabags. 

No compromise on taste, quality or ethics.

There are about 20 cups in the packet.

Tea Infuser

I’ve then sourced an elegant heart-shaped teaspoon infuser that is easy to fill with tea leaves and steep in your favourite cup. No need to make a pot (unless you would like to of course!)

Essential oil candle

An absolute must for the boxes is one of my ultimate, simple treats: a scented candle.

It’s my daily treat. I light one every day when I start work to help set the mood for the day.

I wanted clean, non-toxic plant based candles that only used the best, natural essential oils. No artificial scents just pure plant power.

Scents have a wonderful way of changing how we feel - helping us to focus, remember, feel calm and relaxed, and raise our spirits.

They can take us back to happy memories and special places. They can bring loved ones close even when we’re apart. They can help us feel safe.

So I started looking for a small batch candle-maker who believes in aromatherapy and hand pouring only the finest ingredients a friend of mine recommended a local female founded brand.

I decided on 4 scents to create different moods.

Escape - Joy - Balance - Rise


Surround your senses with a rose garden

I chose Rose Geranium essential oil as it is used therapeutically in aromatherapy to balance our moods and emotions. This uplifting oil is perfect to soothe anxiety, promoting greater feelings of relaxation, emotional stability, and optimism.

This candle is perfect to relax and re-balance. It is a soft but potent, warm green scent. Like walking around a rose garden on a summer’s evening with top notes of old rose and myrrh with mid notes of citrus, lemongrass, almond blossom, cucumber, lemon zest, herbaceous and a hint of amber and clove.

Wandering through the abundance of an herbaceous border in an English County Garden on a mid-summer evening.


Re-live the joyful feelings of summer

I chose Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang essential oils as they are used therapeutically in aromatherapy to reduce our stress, re-balance and enhance our mood, and increase our energy levels.

A refreshing and uplifting blend of sweet, summery floral fragrances. It has spicy balsamic-floral notes with jasmine, blended with the sweet orange, and lively, sparkling bitter-sweet citrus notes of the fresh, tropical pink grapefruit giving the feeling of energy and elegance.

Happy memories of laughing together walking in a glorious, tropical garden.


Breathe in the aromas of a botanical garden

This fragrance uses the therapeutic essential oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus to reduce stress and cortisone levels, to naturally lift our mood, boosting our memory and focus reducing mental exhaustion and lift the human spirit. It awakens, purifies, and stabilises the nervous system. Breathe in deeply.

This fragrance is inspired by the Ventnor Botanical Gardens recreating the apothecary aroma of herbs and summer leaves. It has clean, evergreen and verdant with minty top notes combined with sweet, woody and buttery undertones.

You’ve escaped to Provence lying on the warm ground, looking up to the sky with crushed wild herbs filling your senses.


Bring a little sunshine to your day

This fragrance has Lemongrass and Lime essential oils together as they are used therapeutically in aromatherapy to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and to stimulate your senses. They are known for their ability to cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and the mind.

This sunshine fragrance is inspired by Mediterranean citrus groves recreating the crisp, fresh invigorating lemon-citrus and grassy aromas with a sweet, ginger and spicy undertone.

That clear, soft warmth of the early morning sunshine in late spring, scented with lemon blossom, on Santorini.


All our candles are made by hand locally in small batches with 100% natural, vegan soybeans, pure essential oils, natural cotton wicks and a lot of love! 

These therapeutic candles are then poured into reusable and recyclable glass jars and are free from lead, paraffin and all other toxic chemicals.

They are kind to the environment and kind to you. 

They have approximately 30 hours clean burn time.

Therapeutic. Sustainable. Plant-based.



And of course, you also get a box of our 100% active supplements. Each blend is especially designed to help your mental and physical health.

Supporting you from within.

By fuelling your body and brain you will be able to recharge your batteries and optimise your days.

It’s all part of your self-care toolkit

HAPPY ME is in the JOY box to give you all the ingredients to boost your happy brain chemical levels and sleep naturally. It includes our unique blend of MoodNutritionPlus amino acids, probiotics, 5HTP, B vitamins and Vitamin D.

CALM ME is in the ESCAPE box to help ease stress, anxiety and improve sleep with science backed ingredients. This includes a special blend of 3 types of magnesium to help reduce tension and help you feel calm and relaxed.

MOOD ME is in the BALANCE box as it is our flagship multi vitamin and mineral that supports both mental and physical health. It helps lift your mood, calm your mind, balance your hormones as well as boosting your immunity.

ENERGY ME is in the RISE box as it is full of brain power boosting ingredients that give you loads of energy. They help you stop feeling tired and exhausted helping you to focus, concentrate and make the most of all your exercise choices.

Our Time for M+E gift boxes are the perfect present to give to someone you love (especially yourself) who needs the permission to take a pause.


Every gift box helps you to a happier, healthier and more relaxed self.

Everything in them is sourced from planet friendly and sustainable materials.

Kind to you. Kind to the planet.

Every gift box arrives beautifully packaged.

All products are either made by us or carefully selected from small female-founded independent, ethical businesses. So with every gift you are also supported many people’s dreams.

Sustainable | Therapeutic | Plant based

Please note: the image is for reference only. Please see What’s In The Box below for exact contents.

What’s In The Box

Do Pause Book

Box of supplements


2 x recycled pencils

Packet of green tea

Heart shaped tea strainer

Charm bracelet







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