Breathe in the aromas of a botanical garden.

This fragrance is inspired by the Ventnor Botanical Gardens recreating the apothecary aroma of herbs and summer leaves. It has clean, evergreen and verdant with minty top notes combined with sweet, woody and buttery undertones. 

You’ve escaped to Provence lying on the warm ground, looking up to the sky with crushed wild herbs filling your senses.

Our candles

All our candles are made by hand locally in small batches with 100% natural, vegan soybeans, pure essential oils, natural cotton wicks and a lot of love! 

These therapeutic candles are then poured into reusable and recyclable glass jars and are free from lead, paraffin and all other toxic chemicals. 

=They are kind to the environment and kind to you. 

They have approximately 30 hours clean burn time.

Therapeutic. Sustainable. Plant-based.