From my earliest days I have been fascinated by the lives of my ancestors. Any one who knows me well would know that Who Do You Think You Are? is without doubt my favourite TV programme. Luckily I had parents + grandparents who fuelled my interest which meant that growing up I knew the story of several previous generations.


My maternal family is a long line of migration, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Seekers. My great great grandfather, GF Smith (above), had started a paper company in the 1800s searching far + wide for the best, most beautiful papers.

Then his son, my great grandfather, HN Smith (above with my granny, Margaret far left), went to work for his uncle + together started Smith + Nephew. A medical supplies company that originated with supplying the best Omega oil supplement. Travelling to Norway to find the most tasteless + pure oil he then built a multinational company on its success. To this day both are still successful British companies. A testament to their inspiring values, people + vision.

On my father’s side my great grandfather + my namesake, Evelyn Montgomery, worked for the British East India Company. He was based in India for much of his adult life sourcing + trading + transporting spices from the Far East back to Britain. Another seeker. Another trader.

And then along came me. And M+E. It has been vital to me to know my story + to pass this on to my children. Part of this had been to build a relationship with the companies started by my family. It felt like my dream to develop a range of pure supplements in beautiful paper boxes was channeling both my Smith ancestors.

I am thrilled to say that when GF Smith heard about my plans they offered to help wherever they could + as a consequence the boxes for M+E are made from GF Smith paper.

I think George would be proud + pleased about that.

And the next product in the M+E range will be a vegan Omega oil.

And I think Horatio Nelson would be pretty pleased about that.

And to be honest, I’m pretty pleased about it too.

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