The M+E Idea

vitamin recommendations to improve mental health

Take back control of your brain health and mood

M+E started with the question: if I don’t want to take an anti-depressant to feel better what else can I do?

This is the story of what happened when our founder, Evelyn, started searching for the answers.


I think two of my main drivers in life are to be a healer and to keep learning so, when I found myself bringing up 3 children alone struggling with no energy + finding no joy in life I knew I had to change my life.


From my 20 years' experience in the field of Psychology I knew how important nutrition was for the brain and that certain vitamins + minerals + amino acids + probiotics + Omega oils had been researched + shown to have a beneficial effect on mental + physical health. So, along with a new determination to eat well, I developed a protocol of vitamins for myself that had a fantastic impact on how I was feeling.

With new energy I carried on my research + begun to focus on Mood Nutrition with my private practice clients.

Looking at what people ate + how that impacted on the way that they were feeling.

And how the way people were feeling impacted on what they ate.

Emotional eating, or not eating. Too low or tired or wired to bother with cooking healthy food. Or to swallow lots of enormous pills several times a day.

So, I decided to design my own range of mood nutrition multivitamins.

I wanted something simple, effective + backed by real science.

Too busy to remember to take handfuls of pills everyday; too busy taking care of everybody else.

I wanted a vitamin that I could trust to put the best of everything I needed for me in one easy place.

To be small + easy to swallow.

With no added bulkers or fillers.

To be life-ready when I’m on the go.

And for the packaging to feel beautiful, and to look beautiful too.

Something I would be proud to take.

And so I created 360ME

It is also vital to me to make them as planet friendly as I could. So no plastic bottles, instead our boxes are made from stewarded forests.

All made in England to British standards by companies that I connect with + visit personally.

It is also my mission to spread the life-saving + life-changing power of nutrition globally to mothers + children at risk of malnutrition by connecting with  + contributing to the wonderful charity, Vitamin Angels.

So thank you.

By taking these vitamins you are doing something amazing for yourself at the same time as supporting the nutrition + health of people across the globe  + supporting small businesses in Britain + doing your bit for the planet.

Pretty incredible really.

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