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A pioneering range of advanced life-ready nutritional supplements designed to optimise psychological wellbeing. 

Each product has a unique combination of MoodNutritionPlus ™️ together with vitamins, minerals and probiotics to supercharge our brains focusing either on lifting your mood, keeping you calm or boosting your energy. 


Feedback from the M+E tribe

The ethical standards of M+E are what attracted me to the brand in the first place. But the effectiveness of the supplements is what has me hooked. Their values are my values and it's a product I believe does help with finding the brain space and the physical energy to get things done.

Wendy Searle, @betweensnowandsky - training for her South Pole Expedition + ENERGY ME fan

I have been  following a pretty much vegetarian diet for a while and have noticed my energy levels dipped in the afternoons. I enjoy an active life with surfing and mountain biking and felt that something wasn't right. I have been taking the Mood ME and Energy ME in combination and the improvement in what I can do without getting tired is quantifiable.

Steve Handley - Lanzarote

I started taking HAPPY ME to help try and smooth out my mood, linked to my PMT. After 2 cycles I've noticed my mood is more balanced and I'm more positive. I'm sleeping better, too.

Lydia Mansi, @lydiamansi - PMT Sufferer and HAPPY ME fan

I started taking Energy ME after struggling with my energy levels and chronic fatigue and was stunned at the rapid improvement. They are my insurance policy for when I have demanding days.
Angela Hearn

Angela Hearn

What did I ever do for health before your supplements?! I feel so amazing taking them. Loving being in control and customising what I need and when I need it. Finally a supplement range that WORKS!


I really enjoyed ENERGY ME. I often struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, but after taking ENERGY ME I immediately felt more sprightly and energetic. I took the tablets whilst writing my dissertation and I strongly feel that my attention was far more focussed and long-lasting than if was before. If you need to feel more energetic or need to improve your ability to focus, ENERGY ME is a great solution!


I started taking Calm Me to help with my anxiety. I was really struggling at uni feeling pressured with work and going into a new environment. I wasn’t sleeping well and felt jumpy and panicky. After taking it I felt more relaxed and started to slept much better. I don’t feel so overwhelmed. It’s been a lifechanger.

Lucia Bentley, UK

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