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360 ME

Advanced brain and mental health multi-nutrient supplements to help you feel your best everyday

That's why people choose 360ME


Your mental health and your brain need a constant supply of certain important nutrients to keep you feeling like yourself.

If you have gaps or deficiencies in your nutrition you might have brain fog, feel low, feel anxious or feel constantly exhausted.

Would you like something to help transform how you feel?


A range of 4 award winning products each designed to transform your mood:

MOOD ME - your 360 supercharged brain multi-nutrient

HAPPY ME - your mood + sleep booster

CALM ME - your stress + anxiety buster

ENERGY ME - your powerful tiredness + brain fog fixer

How you feel tomorrow, can start today

Find out what your brain needs to help you boost your mental health and start to feel better right now.

You will get a personalised recommendation for the ingredients that you need by taking this quick quiz:

As seen in

Here's a 360ME success story

"I started taking Mood ME at a period of time where I was having high anxiety and experiencing dread about my daily life (work).

Within 3 days I noticed an improvement in my mood, I was not being sick regularly in the mornings which is something I attributed to my anxiety.

I have now been taking Mood ME for around 2 weeks, and honestly I feel like a different person.  

I have a high pressured job where this has led to overthinking and lack of sleep. I had an incident two days ago which would have typically kept me up, but I was able to leave it at the door and sleep well. 
I feel that Mood ME has massively contributed to my better mood, energy and wellbeing. 

I'm so convinced I've shared my experience with everyone I know! Thanks you Evelyn!"


"For me, taking supplements is about optimising your current and future health. Where some see supplements, I see a happier future"

When I found myself bringing up three children under 5 on my own, struggling with low mood, no energy + finding no joy in life I knew I had to find a way to feel better.

From my 20 years experience in the field of Psychology I knew nutrients had been researched + shown to have a beneficial effect on our brains helping our mental as well as our physical health.

So I set about finding a solution.