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How you feel tomorrow, starts today

What does it mean to be mentally well?

To feel mentally well needs our mind, body and brain to be functioning in balance. Transforming your brain health has a cascade of benefits that can take your wellbeing journey one step further. Not only can you feel great but you are getting one step closer to living the life you want.

Here at M+E I believe in the fundamentals of true, science-based, wholistic mental health:


Eating clean




I also know that sometimes all those things just aren’t enough to transform your mental wellbeing.

I believe in targeted solution-based supplements that can transform your life because I’ve seen it in myself, in my family and in my clients.

When I was struggling with low mood, low energy and low motivation the doctor’s answer was to offer me anti-depressant medication. But I as a psychologist I wanted to look at what was underlying my problems and got some nutrient and amino acid tests done.

It showed that my levels of B vitamins and amino acids were low.

Within months of proper supplementation my levels were back up and I felt completely different.

I started to see the true power of supplements on my mood and energy. So I began to study in depth how nutrients impact our mental health.

I looked at my clients to see if nutrients could help with the issues that they struggle with and I thought could I create solutions that could help transform people’s lives?

For me, taking supplements isn’t necessarily about filling gaps, it’s about optimising your current and future health.

Where some see supplements, I see a happier future. 

Giving your body and brain that little extra something that it needs so that you feel your best,  be your best and live your best life is the power of supplements.

I wonder what you could f you had all the energy that you need every day?

Health opens doors. Health transforms lives.

I couldn’t find anything out there that ticked all my boxes - and I had a lot of boxes to tick - so I worked with  specialists who developed the quality formulations that I wanted to take myself.

Always putting safety, quality, efficacy and outcomes first I wanted them to be clean and pure.

I didn’t want any nasties - no chemicals, no bulking agents, no allergens and absolutely no animal products.

All the ingredients needed to be active, bioavailable and easy to absorb.

 Nothing but methylated B vitamins and nootropics to boost my brain.

Making them in the UK, at locations I could visit and check, meant that all the ingredients and manufacturing processes were of the highest standards.

I worked on the the formulas for 2 years to bring you the most innovative and pioneering supplements for mental health.

I have tested each and every product on myself, my family and my clients and not only do we feel great, but we feel that we are getting ever closer to attaining optimal health and wellbeing. Full of energised focus and enjoyment for life.

Now you can take your wellbeing journey one step further with M+E supplements. 

They are your daily choice that I believe will redefine your expectations of what it feels like to be healthy.


Feedback from the M+E tribe

"These really work!

I decided to give Calm Me a go as I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember and I'm so glad I did. I've only been taking them for 5 days but already I'm seeing the benefits. I'm so much calmer and my sleep has improved massively. Zero negative effects either which is a bonus. Couldn't recommend these enough!"

Jade C - Verified Buyer




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