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Become an M+E Pioneer

Take care of your future health, today

Your brain + mental health supplements automatically delivered to your door.

You choose.

Here’s the deal: you sign up for a subscription and your supplements arrive every 30 days.

You never run out. You get your supplements hassle free.

You can cancel anytime.

You can take care of your brain + mental health in one easy step.

And as a thank you from us you get a fantastic price 

And just to remind you, the great deal lasts for the whole length of the subscription.

You can cancel the auto-renewal any time.

How would it feel to step through this magic door and go anywhere you wanted?

What would you do if you never ran out of energy?

Where would you go if you were living your best life?

What would you achieve?

What dreams would come true?

Signing up for our new subscription means you will never run out of your M+E brain supplements again.

Your brain will always have the optimum level of nutrients.

One easy way to take care of yourself.

One less thing to think about.

One great source of energy + health.

Become one of our M+E pioneers + you will not only get your box of supplements every month but special, surprise extras just for you to help you build your beautiful brain.


    How does it work?

    Simply click on the subscription you require in our shop page (or below) + add the product to your cart.

    Enter your details and sign up for an account if you don't already have one so you can keep track of your deliveries. 

    You'll be charged for your first box at checkout and will be automatically charged every 30 days after that for as long as you would like the subscription.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, any time.

    For your convenience subscriptions will automatically renew.

    Email us at if you wish to cancel the auto-renewal.

    Renewals must be cancelled within 30 days of your previous subscription ending. 

    Where will you go?

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