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Writing prompts: 30 Questions to Help You Make a Change

Self-Reflection Writing Prompts

There’s nothing like a new year, a new season or a new phase in life for doing a little self-reflection. It’s something that I like to do quarterly: at each equinox and solstice. 

Life gets so busy that the days and weeks speed by in unconscious autopilot and before you know it another year has drifted passed and you are no nearer where you would like to be in your life.

Is one of your goals in life to give your emotional, psychological and mental wellbeing a higher priority (if it’s not, why not?)? Do you believe in taking care of your brain? 

Doing the inner work by healing your emotional history, learning about your triggers and building your self-awareness makes life better.

It’s not always easy but investing in your emotional energy and being unafraid to grow will change your tomorrow.

As I always say,

how you feel tomorrow, starts today



So grab a pen and paper. Write whatever you like. And see where it takes you.


Here are 30 questions to reflect on:

1. What did I learn about myself last year?

2. What makes me feel calm?

3. When do I feel in control?

4. How do I feel when I need to make a change?

5. What's a choice I can make this week to take care of myself?

6. How do I shift my mindset when I am struggling?

7. What do I do to recharge?

8. Who has shown up for me recently and how can I nurture those relationships?

9. What can I do today to get 1% nearer my goal?

10. What helps me to slow down and feel more present?

11. What can I do today that I didn’t think I could do a year ago?

12. What has been a barrier to me completing my goals and how can I remove the barrier?

13. How can I put myself first without feeling guilty?

14. What do I need to accept about myself to move forwards?

15. How do you stay focused and steer clear of distractions?

16. What do I need to practice doing more or less of?

17. What one boundary do I need to focus on to improve my peace of mind?

18. How do I feel when I am alone?

19. How do I feel when I'm nearing burnout?

20. How do I share my feelings with the people who care about me?

21. How do I cope with uncomfortable feelings?

22. How can I stand up for myself more effectively?

23. How can I better manage my reactions to my feelings?

24. How do I ask for help or support when I need it?

25. How do I take care of myself?

26. What do I need to do to keep my wellbeing at the centre of my attention?

27. What limiting beliefs do I need to release?

28. What one thing can I do each day to take care of my brain?

29. How am I investing in my future health?

30. How do I want to feel one year from now?


Let me know how you get on.

Take care,



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