Meet Evelyn Montgomery, founder of pioneering nutritional supplement brand, M+E

My academic story reflects my primary drivers to heal + to keep learning. In the first place to make sense of my life + how I was feeling.

Travelling in Africa for a year after leaving school helped me to start putting my own jigsaw together. Learning about myself + why I reacted to people + events in a way that I wanted to change started my exploration of Psychology.

I went on to study at university successfully completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Then wanting to apply my research to help heal my life + to help others I went on to study Life Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Counselling and Psychotherapy while bringing up my young family.

Nutritional Psychiatry became my area of special interest. This is the study of how what we eat directly affects the structure + function of our brains which impacts on our moods, how we feel + how we think. I call it Mood Nutrition.

Being able to lift my mood, calm myself + boost my energy by eating good mood foods + taking supplements filled me with feelings of self-control, empowerment + hope.

Biohacking my own mental health also included becoming aware of my feelings + emotions + staying with them or letting them go, learning about breathing + visualisation exercises, exploring which physical exercise worked for me, getting outside in nature regularly, finding creativity + fun + connection in groups, + underlying all of this was developing my self-acceptance + self-care.

Looking at myself from 360º


My mission is to empower you to nourish your beautiful brain to optimise your well-being.


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