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Dotting the Is and Crossing the Ts - all the info you might need to know before taking M+E Supplements and some wellness jargon demystified by founder and mood nutrition expert, Evelyn Montgomery

Which product should I take?

The names of the products indicate how you would like to feel.

So if you are feeling low + would like to feel happier: HAPPY ME is the one for you

If you are feeling anxious + would like to feel calmer: CALM ME is the one for you

If you are feeling flat + would like an energy boost: ENERGY ME is the one for you

If you are feeling a mixture of all of these things + you want something to do everything: MOOD ME is the one for you

If you're still not sure Evelyn has designed a product quiz which will give you a personalised recommendation. Take the quiz here >


What if I want to be calm + happy + full of energy?

Of course that is the goal! There are a couple of ways to do this. 

1 Just take MOOD ME to see if that boosts your Mood Transmitter levels on its own. 

2 Add HAPPY ME or CALM ME or ENERGY ME to top up with an extra boost on alternate days.


How many capsules do I take?

1 or 2 each day.

Each packet has 60 capsules + will last between 1 + 2 months.

There are 15 capsules on each sheet to make it easy for you take with you on your daily travels to work or uni or training or on holiday.


How quickly do they work?

Like with any medication, the time for natural nutrition based therapy to have an effect varies. As with anti-depressant medication there should be a significant difference within a few weeks.

Some people will feel a difference straight away.

Every body is different. 

Taking them consistently is key.


When should I take my 360ME?

Once a day.

Definitely take the ENERGY ME in the morning or you might have trouble getting to sleep!

Some people like to take HAPPY ME in the evening as the Tryptophan + 5HTP gets you ready to sleep; other people like to take it earlier in the day.

CALM ME is good in the evening too but if you are chronically stressed you can take them at any time. 

MOOD ME is best taken in the morning.

Do what feels right for you.

It is recommended that you take them with food.


My mouth feels dry after I have taken my 360 ME?

Tryptophan can have this affect. Try reducing the dose by taking them on alternate days. Please consult a Doctor if you have any symptoms.


How long should I take them for?

If you eat a really healthy diet hopefully you will only need to take them for about 3 months.

Your body will tell you when you don’t need them (you will start forgetting to take them because you feel so well) + also when you need to start taking them again to top up your diet (you will start to notice when the old symptoms start creeping back into your life).


Are they difficult to swallow?

The capsules are smooth + most people say that they easy to swallow.

If you hate swallowing they can be split + sprinkled into drinks or smoothies.

There are no bulking agents or chemicals in them so we have got the most active ingredients we can in the smallest capsule possible so that you only have to take 2 capsules each day.


What are the capsules shells made from?

Vegetable cellulose


Are they Vegan?

Yes - it's important to us to make them suitable for everyone to take.


Are they gluten free?

Yes - they are free of all allergens. There is no gluten or dairy or sugar. Nothing but pure active ingredients.


Will they repeat on me?

No. However some people struggle with supplements repeating on them. If this is you, try taking some digestive enzymes to help your stomach.


Do I need to take Omega Oils separately?

Yes, your brain needs a high quality Omega 3 oil. 

We are developing a beautiful blend of plant based omega oils for you. Our Vegan Omega - OMEGA ME is coming soon.


Can children take these products?

No - these supplements are designed for adults. Only suitable for people from 18-100 years old.


What is Mood Nutrition?

Mood Nutrition is all about prioritising our focus on fuelling your brain with all the nutrients it needs to optimise your mental + physical wellbeing.

It may be news to you that our thoughts + feelings + emotions + energy levels are all impacted by the level of nutrients available to our brains?

These levels are affected by what we eat (where are the gaps?) + the supplements we take (are they activated formulas that our bodies can utilise?) + our gut microbiome (do the good bacteria out weigh the bad?) + how well we absorb nutrients (it really does vary) + our genes (some people can't metabolise some vitamins unless they are methylated, for instance) + of course our stress levels (chronic + acute).

At M+E we passionately believe that we need to look at our health from 360˚ - which is why we called the range 360ME.

We need to look at the whole picture from nutrients + exercise to mindfulness + rest to creativity + connection.

 Our mission is to help you build your own toolkit with the best bioavailable nutrients together with top tips for biohacking (definition below) your way to supercharge your brain. Your brain is the key to your health. And your health is your wealth.


How does biohacking work?

Biohacking is the process of thinking about your health from the perspective of the underlying causes of the symptoms rather than simply fixing the symptoms themselves. A bit like rather than just taking a painkiller for a bad back but also looking at how posture + muscle tone + alignment + nutrition might be the cause.

The biohacking approach is the process of making changes to your lifestyle; to "hack" the ways to get your body into optimum health.

You can actually transform your body + mind yourself.

Taking responsibility for the choices you make + the impact they have on your body can transform your energy levels + your productivity + your happiness + make it possible to live your best life.

360ME has been designed to help you biohack your psychological wellbeing.

We have developed unique pioneering formulas synergistically combining many powerful + body-ready nutrients into 2 daily easy-to-take capsules in beautiful life-ready blister packs.

Easy to take on the go wherever your life takes you (the South Pole for one of our tribe!)

What will you do with all your extra energy?

What dreams will you make come true?


What makes M+E different from other supplements?

Whilst our focus is providing the best nutrients for you, we are also passionate about being planet-friendly, too.

Not packaged in plastic pots but in beautiful boxes made from paper sourced from managed renewable forests.

We are always looking for the kindest materials to package our vitamins in + are committed to an ongoing exploration of the most planet-friendly packaging.

We also have a social conscious. Not only do we want to produce good vitamins that do you good but we also want to do good things too.

We are committed to donating to Vitamin Angels, an organisation that distributes vitamins to malnourished women + children across the globe.

So by taking 360ME you are helping others + contributing to something amazing which is having a life-changing impact for our fellow humans on our planet.

We are a small pioneering company which values trust + transparency about all else.

That's why you can read all the ingredients on the back of the boxes without a magnifying glass!

Clearly there are no chemicals or bulking agents in our capsules.

They are in Trufil capsules made from a vegetable cellulose that can also be split + sprinkled on your food if you are unable to swallow capsules.

Filled with only 100% active ingredients and nothing else.

They have no allergens + all the ingredients are vegan.

All 360ME products are made in companies visited and known to our founder that comply with the high levels of testing + quality control that British standards guarantee.

Anything we haven’t covered + you would like to know please contact us at

+ we will be in touch soonest - in fact, you are more than likely to hear back from the person who actually designed the formulas herself - putting years of heart + sould into making them something she would be proud to recommend.

Read more about founder Evelyn Montgomery's story here, or shop the 360ME range here.