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Why is My Brain So Slow?

"How you feel tomorrow starts today"

How much do you think about the health of your brain?

The state of your brain today is a real indicator of how you will feel tomorrow.

Your brain is the control centre of your whole body.

Did you know that your brain controls your physical health as well as your mental health?

If you start taking care of your brain, you start taking care of your future health. Watch our video of founder Evelyn Montgomery discussing this here.

How to tell if your brain is healthy

The signs and symptoms of poor brain health:

Low mood - do you feel low, flat or numb and have lost the joy in life?

Anxious mind – is peace of mind a far off concept and instead you’re stuck with a mind that won’t shut up, involved in a myriad of worrying thoughts?

Easily stressed – do you get frustrated and irritated easily? It doesn’t take much for you to snap?

Brain fog – does your thinking get slow and foggy and you feel burned out?

Fatigue – do you feel low in energy but especially on a mental level where any more thinking is just too much?

Irregular emotions – mood swings and feeling more sensitive and tearful?

Forgetful – do you forget names and things to do more often than you’d like?

Lack of motivation – have you lost your mojo and feel like you want to work out or take care of yourself but it’s just too much?

Food cravings and indulgence – do you feed your brain the best nutrition or find yourself a slave to cravings?

Energy crashes – especially in the middle of the day? Do you keep wishing for a nap?

Disrupted sleep – do you struggle to get to sleep or wake in the night? Do you lack in deep sleep and REM sleep whereby the quality of your sleep is low and how you wake up feeling just as exhausted?

Underactive physically – despite best intentions do you skip work outs and experience lower energy even if you do try to work out?

Meditation nightmare – trying to be quiet and enjoy inner peace feels too difficult with your mind restlessly flitting around?

Family history – does anyone in your family suffer from depresssion, dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Did you tick any of these boxes?

If yes, then maybe it’s time to look more intensely at your daily habits, quality of sleep and relationships.

Exercise, relaxation and nutrients are key tools to help you improve your brain health.

And you’re in a great place to start.

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