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Does Vitamin C Calm You down?

Did you know that vitamin C is a powerful brain booster and one of the best vitamins to help calm you down?

If I asked you: What do you take vitamin C for?


I imagine your first answer would be to boost your immunity. It’s one of the first things we think of taking when we are ill with a cold or flu. 

But is it something you think of taking if you are feeling stressed or depressed? Maybe not. 

However, it has a vital role to play in your brain and is one of the best vitamins to help calm you down. 


Vitamin C deficiency is related to low mood, anxiety and brain fog


Concentrations of vitamin C in the brain are far higher than those in the rest of the body, and long after the body is depleted of the vitamin, the brain maintains its levels. 


That's because it is so important for the conversion of tyrosine into dopamine, tryptophan into serotonin, and for GABA, acetylcholine, norepinephrine and epinephrine production. 

These are the neurotransmitters providing the stress and relaxation response, balanced mood, both physical and motivational energy and feelings of reward and satisfaction. 

Without Vitamin C neurotransmitter levels decline in the brain and body resulting in prolonged stress and anxiety, lower mood and low motivational energy.

A study in 139 young men found that higher vitamin C levels were associated with improved mood and lower rates of depression and confusion

Vitamin C is fundamental to all your thoughts and feelings and is really important in helping to balancing your mood and keep you feeling calm.


Yes, vitamin C calms you down


This antioxidant plays a vital role in your central nervous system. A study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry declared that

"vitamin C deficiency is widely associated to stress-related diseases and several studies showed that supplementation produces antidepressant effect and improves mood"

Chronic stress and anxiety leads you to have elevated levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). Vitamin C can help your body to better manage its cortisol levels.



Vitamin C plays an important therapeutic role for anxiety as it helps both in the prevention and in the reduction of anxiety. This suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C may be an effective addition to medical and psychological treatment of anxiety as well as improving cognitive performance


Vitamin C helps with your brain fog and memory


It plays a vital role in the formation maturation of neurons and of the myelin sheath that protects them and speeds message transmission. This makes it crucial to cognitive performance including memory and processing speed.

A study that included 80 healthy adults found that those with adequate blood levels of vitamin C performed significantly better in tests assessing memory, attention, reaction time, and focus than those with low vitamin C levels

What’s more, a recent study suggests that vitamin C supplementation may improve mood in people with subclinical depression, which could enhance cognitive performance, thus reducing depression-related brain fog



How much vit c to take

NRV for vitamin C:

  • Adult males: 90 mg/day 
  • Adult females: 75 mg/day


Best foods for vit c

Top food sources for vitamin C:

  • Guava, citrus fruits, kiwis, melons, papaya, pineapple
  • red bell peppers, red cabbage, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, potatoes


Vitamin C deficiency has been shown to be related to adverse mood and cognitive effects.

And as poor diet is common in people with mood disorders  so it is possible that vitamin C deficiency might also be more prevalent among people struggling with their mental health.

It’s pretty amazing how nutrients can help isn’t it?


We all tend to eat the same sorts of foods each week which means that over time we start to miss some crucial nutrients.

It means that we end up with deficiencies and gaps without even realising it.

This has a huge impact on how our bodies and brains work. We adjust and just think that it is our normal.

We think it’s just what we have to put up with.

But this isn’t the case. Just as you have changed from how you used to feel, you can change again to how you would like to feel. 


Your brain is very responsive.

That’s where a high quality supplement fits in. It helps you to give your brain a boost, fix the deficiencies and help you to feel calm again.

Add a good supplement to your daily routine + you are fast on your way to transforming your mental health.

Mood Me has 125% of your daily vitamin C requirements along with 26 other ingredients to optimise your brain health and to balance your mood.

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Some Mood Me stories:


"Absolutely brilliant!
I’ve been taking these every day for 3 weeks and can honestly say this is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’ve been quite tearful and plagued by low moods and negative thoughts but finally feel like me again, with a new zest for life. I just seen to be able to cope with life and everything it throws you me much better now. I’ve not seen any side effects and have more energy too. I’ll be buying more soon!"

"I started taking Mood ME at a period of time where I was having high anxiety and experiencing dread about my daily life (work). Within 3 days I noticed an improvement in my mood.
I have now been taking Mood ME for around 2 weeks, and honestly I feel like a different person.
I have a high pressured job where I make decisions impacting on people's lives, in my role historically this has led to overthinking and lack of sleep. I had an incident two days ago which would have typically kept me up, but I was able to leave it at the door and sleep well.
Mood ME has massively contributed to my mood, energy and wellbeing.
I'm so convinced I've shared my experience with everyone I know! Thanks you Evelyn!"
"These capsules have really helped to regulate my mood. I am no longer overwhelmed by the frequent changes in my mood that I used to experience. After going through a tough time recently I was often anxious and would feel down and like I could never relax and enjoy any down time. These capsules have helped to stabilise these feelings and provide clarity, allowing me to feel like I’m able to start enjoying life again. When I do still have a down or anxious moment, which is completely normal and part of life, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming and I’m able to identify it and respond in a healthy and practical way. Thank you M + E for your help and support."



I'd love to hear about the ways that have helped you feel calmer.

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