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Our ingredients, honestly

We’re so proud of our 100% active ingredients we write them BIG on our packets…

Our flagship multi-nutrient for mood, immunity + hormonal balance
Completely take care of your mind + body with this multi-vitamin + mineral + probiotic

Nutrients, and nothing else

Read more about Mood Me here

Energy, supercharged
Beat tiredness quickly with CoQ10 + Vitamin B complex for maximum energy all through the day.
Relax, unwind
Activated bespoke blend of 3 types of Magnesium: an essential mineral so that you can relax + sleep, with extra Theanine.
Serotonin boosters, naturally
5HTP + Tryptophan + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin D3 altogether everything you need to keep you happy.
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Nutrients, and nothing else

No bulking agents, chemicals or shady additives. Only pure vegan ingredients in 2 easy-to-take capsules.

Everything you need for one month: 60 capsules in a box

Exclusive formulas in every box, especially for you

Our registered trademark MoodNutritionPlus® amino acid formula helps to fuel your brain from within - with only 100% active ingredients.

Our unique combination of probiotics is especially designed for gut + brain health to boost your mood.

No-one else has put together the probiotics that support your mental health.

Altogether, easier + cheaper

Our aim is simple: Fewer pills for you to take as we’ve put everything in one place.

Easy to take, easy to remember, easy to take care of yourself.

Do the Maths

We’ve put everything in one capsule - meaning it works out so much cheaper for you than buying all the different products you need to keep happy + healthy.

Better ingredients

Our multis contain only the smart ingredients you body needs, in bioavailable forms your brain can actually use.


Clinically backed effective ingredients

Science + Research

Formulated by experience psychologist, Evelyn Montgomery 

Ultimate Multi

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to keep happy + healthy with an essential multi that has 27 ingredients - boosts immunity, balances hormones, fuels your brain, rebalances your gut - all in just 2 powerful capsules.

Each box has everything you need for one month (60 capsules in a box).


Our formulas will always be 100% active and 100% honest