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Get to know M+E: Karley's mental wellbeing story

What has been your mental wellbeing story?

I spoke to Evelyn in June 2019, after hearing about her new adventure, M + E.  I felt inspired by Evelyn and was keen to start taking ‘Mood Me’ after her recommendation. I felt depressed, anxious, tired all the time & needed a hormone boost after my father passing away and being in a stagnant relationship.

I started taking 2 tables of ‘Mood Me’ every day. After about 3 weeks I was noticing a difference; I felt less stressed, I was sleeping better and I felt my black cloud was slowly lifting. 

In 2020, I left my partner 4 weeks before the pandemic & I changed to ‘Calm Me’ because I was feeling really anxious but less depressed. I went to see my GP and I took the ingredients of ‘Calm Me’ to my Doctor.  He said ‘these are as good as antidepressants!'

I now take, one a day and sometimes two if I feel anxious about a meeting and especially before my father’s anniversary.  I feel less anxious, happier in myself, more relaxed and my black cloud is in the far distance! Trust me they really work, give them ago!

5 favourite mental wellbeing tools

  1. Walking in a forest or near water

  2. Taking Calm me every day

  3. Talking to friends

  4. Regular exercise

  5. Eating healthy

Small things that help you feel calm and recharge?

  1. Using the Balance app to help me breath slowly, meditation

  2. Grounding techniques

  3. Walking in the forest or near water

What are the small things that give you a lift and fuel your energy?

  1. A cuddle from my son/ family

  2. Healthy clean eating

  3. Sunshine 

What are the things in life I am grateful for?

  1. My son

  2. Being healthy and happy

  3. Having amazing family and friends

How to fail? What are the 3 most important lessons you have learned when things have gone wrong?

  1. Poor habits returning

  2. Not being consistent

  3. Lack of preparation

Calm Me

Are you looking to naturally enhance your mood?

Are you struggling with anxiety, stress and poor sleep and would like something natural to help?

CALM ME is a natural anxiety supplement which contains clinically backed magnesium + B vitamins + D3 + probiotics for people feeling anxious, stressed or burned out.

Read more about Calm Me here

"I started taking Calm Me to help with my anxiety. I was really struggling at uni feeling pressured with work and going into a new environment. I wasn’t sleeping well and felt jumpy and panicky. After taking it I felt more relaxed and started to slept much better. I don’t feel so overwhelmed. It’s been a life changer." - Lucia Bentley, UK


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