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Lockdown life changes: how will your life change in the new normal?

On my mind…something I have been thinking about this last month as we move from lockdown to release is how we all need to take responsibility for our own wellbeing. Everybody has their own rules around socially distancing, risk assessment + regulation adherence. This virus will be with us for some time I think so how are you feeling about being released into The New Normal?

For many of us lockdown has been an opportunity to press pause on our lives and find the space to reassess. The idea of this safe, controlled time coming to an end is leaving many people feeling a bit wobbly. FOGO (Fear of Going Out) is very real. There are a whole new set of challenges ahead just as we have adapted to the last set. It’s universally emotionally and physically exhausting.

One of the happy consequences (along with increased Hedgehog numbers and wild hedgerows being left uncut) may be that people decides to choose to live life differently, to choose a different path, to live this one life doing something they love rather than something that they feel that they have to do.

No compromises.

Businesses are pivoting to adapt to the ‘right now’, so too are many people. It’s a choice for some. It’s been thrust upon others. Doing something different, going in a new direction feels challenging, uncomfortable and risky. Doubts and blocks are inevitable but is this the right time for you to make a change?

It’s an issue I spoke with many Cancer survivors about when I worked in the Cancer ward at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Going through such a threat to our existence leads many of us to reframe, reboot and redirect our lives.

There is a Miracle Question in therapy that goes like this:

“Suppose that one night, while you are asleep, there was a miracle and your problems were solved. How would you know? What would be different?”

The trick is to start bringing those changes into your daily life.

Have you been thinking about an exciting new direction?

Or has lockdown helped you to reassess your priorities?

Have you realised that kindness and connection with your community is what was missing in your life and from now on you will keep in touch with your neighbours? Maybe you will find a way to keep talking to them - invite some around for coffee and cake when regulations relax?

Maybe you have enjoyed seeing the benefits to nature and the planet since humans have been on pause and from now on you will value and prioritise the environment in your choices. Maybe off-setting your travel?

Maybe you have worked from home for the first time and you’ve been surprised by how much less stressed you’ve been. Finding a new balance between interacting with colleagues and time at home is what will transform your working life and mental health?

Or are you struggling with feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all the changes and losses in your life. Is everything feeling uncertain and like a mountain to climb?

Then maybe it’s time to really focus on your mental health by taking care of your brain. Eating well and taking brain supplements could be the one thing that you can simply do to take care of yourself. Being kind to your mind and your emotional wellbeing is your new Number One priority.

To make it easy for you I have designed a range of pure and powerful products that fuel your brain to ease your mental health.

At a glance here

Happy Me is for you if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, feeling flat and numb

Calm Me is for you if you’re stressed, nervous, anxious and burned out

Energy Me is for you if you’re always tired and want a quick, natural boost of physical and mental energy that lasts all day

Mood Me is for you if you would like to take only one supplement that helps you balance your hormones, boost your immunity, powers your brain and gives you loads of energy all in one magic pill.

If you make just one change, make it valuing you brain health.

Healthy brain, happy life.

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