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Would you like to feel like yourself again?

Are you fed up with feeling low and having no energy?

Do you feel flat and numb with no joy for life?

Are you always anxious and overthinking?

Would you like to have a good nights sleep?

Do you know that nutrients can support your mental health as well as your physical health?

Your brain needs nutrients to keep working well.

When our brain needs nourishment we get a few clues. 

Do you recognise any of these feelings?

Low + flat + depressed
Anxious + nervous + stressed
Feel burned out
Brain fog
Have unwanted, repetitive negative thoughts
Low self-esteem + poor self-confidence
Always tired + feel exhausted
Stuck + tearful
Numb + have no joy in our life
Have low energy + no enthusiasm or motivation
Find concentration + focus + remembering more difficult
Can’t get to sleep or have disrupted sleep

Thoughts and emotions are the product of our brains chemistry which is a big reason for your tiredness, low mood and anxiety.

They can be the result of the high or low levels of the 4 mood transmitters in our brain.

 You might have heard of them?

The 4 mood transmitters:

1 Serotonin   2 Dopamine   3 GABA   4 Acetylcholine

The main reasons you run low on mood transmitters are:

Being used up too quickly
Not being replenished
Genetic glitches

Stress has a huge impact on our mood transmitters.

They are used up quickly as you cope with the stress in your life and you can’t restore them quickly enough leaving you struggling with your mental health and not feeling like yourself.

Your brain is misfiring.

It hasn’t got the fuel that it needs to function fully effectively.

What do you need?


Do you need serotonin?

 Serotonin helps you feel
 positive + confident + to sleep well + lifts your mood

but if you are low you feel
 low in mood + negative + obsessive + worried + exhausted + have bad sleep patterns

The one you need is:

Do you need dopamine?

 Dopamine helps you feel
 energised + alert + joyful + motivated

but if you are low you feel
 flat + stuck + emotionally sensitive + tearful + unenthusiastic about life with no motivation

The one you need is

Do you need GABA?

 GABA helps you feel 
 relaxed + calm + focused + cope better with stress + sleep well

but if you are low you feel
 anxious + wired + stressed + burned out + overwhelmed + struggle to get off to sleep

The one you need is

Do you need acetylcholine?

 Acetylcholine helps you feel
energetic + concentrate easily + think clearly

but if you are low you feel
mentally and physically tired + have no energy + have brain fog with difficulty focusing + remembering things

The one for you is

If you need all of the above then you need our hero multi-nutrient with 29 ingredients in it. It takes care of both your mental and physical wellbeing.

The one for you is
So to rebuild fuel supplies you can try a few lifestyle changes:

You can slow down making a little time for some rest + relaxation + breathing + yoga + quiet time + meditation + visualisation + daylight + sleep into our lives.

And we can also help ourselves to
replenish our levels of neurotransmitters by eating good mood foods full of high quality proteins + plenty of fresh fruit + vegetables.

All topped up by a supplement to fill in the gaps we all have in our diets.

By understanding how your brain, mind and body work together you can heal and reverse symptoms of poor brain health. 

You’re not stuck with the brain you have.

In fact your brain can get better with time.

It is constantly building new pathways and pruning unused ones.

If you feed your brain with plenty of nutrients -
especially good fats, plenty of rainbow coloured fruit and vegetables, good quality protein, omega oils, amino acids, probiotics, methylated B vitamins -
you can build a healthier + happier future.

By understanding how your brain, mind and body work together you can heal and reverse symptoms of poor brain health. 

 It’s not about saying that “I'm struggling. I can't do anything. I"ll try to keep going and cope on my own”. 

 A big part of resilience is an inward recognition of knowing actually I am under pressure, or something’s happened, or I’m not feeling good. 

And then being able to have the self-awareness 
 to use your toolkit to help you flourish again.

And then to actually use it. 

By taking actions to support the health of your brain you are doing an amazing thing for yourself.

You are giving yourself the energy + motivation to take care of your present + your future.

You are changing your life.


We believe that nourishing + balancing your beautiful brains helps to lift your mood + keep you calm + boost your energy to bring joy back into your lives.

It’s about taking responsibility for your wellbeing.

It’s about taking action.

It’s about making small daily changes.

How you feel tomorrow, starts today.

Let’s start together,